Our Story...

   The Making of The Cottage at Crystal Lake 2004

      Searching for a home that would be suitable for the addition of a hair salon, my husband and I came upon the house on Crystal Lake Road in Halifax, MA.  with the original early century cottage that was previously used as a guest house. We purchased it in 2003 with visions of turning the little cottage into a new hair salon for my business.   After several consultations with various builders we soon came to the heartbreaking realization that we would have to raze the cottage, as it would have been impossible to bring up to code to house a business. We salvaged what we could--doors, windows, bricks and hardware. In our attempt to retain some of its original charm and character, we were able to reinvent some of the saved items to use in the new cottage. With construction complete, my new salon was ready for business in August of 2004. 

      After a memorable 20 years in Pembroke at my former salon, Haircraft by Chris, I walked out that door for the final time. It had never been my intention to rename my new salon. However,  the love that I had for the little cottage, to which we sadly said goodbye, and the magical charm it possessed, live on in the new Cottage. It simply had to be renamed... 

The Cottage at Crystal Lake. 



Christine Paiva